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What do you think Dash is?

Based on this scene "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLCElnlsSsk": (skip to 4:52 and stop at 5:17)
safe1585594 rainbow dash220572 pony853152 3d63776 angry24210 bed36758 bedroom8523 bedroom eyes52195 comic102111 dashblitz181 eyes closed81012 female907493 grin33303 happy27902 holding head2422 hoof on chest463 laughing7191 looking at each other16754 male308494 rainbow blitz2239 reference3818 rule 6325363 self ponidox7275 selfcest2592 shipping185187 shrek278 shrek the third13 sleeping21856 smiling217622 source filmmaker38654 straight122501


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