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suggestive (116504)artist:neongothic (72)fluttershy (187408)rarity (160465)equestria girls (163935)bbw (3492)big breasts (58706)bingo wings (1241)breasts (211649)busty fluttershy (13315)busty rarity (9681)buttershy (975)canterlot mall (227)cellphone (2433)chubby cheeks (2571)cleavage (28007)clothes (366523)double chin (1124)dress (35924)fat (18175)fattershy (478)female (787117)morbidly obese (6182)obese (9231)phone (4423)raritubby (803)selfie (2533)smartphone (1310)smiling (188730)ssbbw (1228)story in the comments (632)


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Background Pony #205C
I’d love to see a series looking back at biggest girl Fluttershy, going from whenever this “magic surge” happened, and gradually showing her blooming to her near 700lbs. Or further, if you were to decide to increase her weight by the end of such a series.
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Wallet After Summer Sale

Everything is Everything
Your Dinner Date with Rarity and Fluttershy

You: "So, ladies, where are we going tonight? The Asian Buffet or the Golden Corral?"
Rarity: "Oh, darling, why not the Asian Buffet and the Golden Corral?"
Fluttershy: "Yay, chocolate fountain!"
You: "Well, I guess that settles it. Looks like like we’re doing the ’Buffet Double Shot.’ Again." (runs to nearest ATM)

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Background Pony #91A4
@James A Williams
Fluttershy: Um, Rarity? I’m not sure if I’m, um, “selfie worthy” so to speak. I don’t feel too comfortable with showing my huge body like this.

Rarity: Oh nonsense, darling. I show my huge body to the public everyday and I don’t feel embarrassed. Quite the contrary, I think it’s gorgeous. (Rubs her own belly)

Fluttershy: But, I’m not like you, Rarity. I don’t mean to state the obvious, but my name is Flutter_shy_ and all this flab is making me feel even more so.

Rarity: Now don’t worry. Don’t worry. Whether you’re fat or not, you’re still the adorable little butterfly you’ve always been.

Fluttershy: Oh. (Giggles and blushes) Okay, I think I can-

Trixie: Well, well, well. What do we have here? If it isn’t good ol’ Blubber-shy and Rari-tummy. Speaking of which, isn’t it time for your 56th lunch? I haven’t seen either of you eat for over 2 minutes. (Rubs Fluttershy’s belly) This big ol’ thing will be upset if you keep her waiting.

Fluttershy: Oh. Oh no. The feeling’s coming back. (Squeak)

Rarity: (Cross) Oooooh! You listen here, Trixie! Just because you don’t always get along with us, that doesn’t give you the right to tease us in such a cruel way, especially poor, little Fluttershy here. (She strokes her head to calm her) One of these days, this weight gain magic curse… thing will get to you and you’ll understand what being overweight is like. Maybe then you won’t act so cruel.

Trixie: Pfft. Yeah. Like that’ll ever happen. (She walks away and pulls out her phone once she’s out of their sights). Was this the only trick I can afford to do?

An advertisement is on her phone:
The Great and Gluttonous Trixie. She can eat a huge buffet in under an hour.

Cups Fluttershy’s chubby cheeks
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Background Pony #B6AA
Land whales.
Can’t see their feet.
Overworked hearts.
Can’t move fast.
Plenty of meat for even slow predators.
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Background Pony #4562
Well Neon, you may have just outdid yourself here. Seeing these two lovlies like this is just beautiful.

Also, nice touch on the sign.
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Comments30 comments posted