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Edit: Thank you so much for the feature!! This made my night! <3
safe1681643 artist:ravensunart626 pinkie pie213884 earth pony239584 human152116 pony943730 behaving like a dog1341 colored pupils9455 colored sketch2784 crying42752 cute196116 cuteamena763 daaaaaaaaaaaw3701 dialogue64066 diapinkes9659 dilated pupils598 ear fluff28433 featured image869 female1340800 floppy ears50932 frown22501 gradient background12281 hnnng2393 holding a pony2934 mare468812 missing cutie mark4496 nose wrinkle2945 offscreen character33237 offscreen human238 overreaction103 pet1884 pinkamena diane pie18933 pony pet762 poor thing13 sad24198 sadorable858 separation anxiety1 simple background385216 smol587 solo focus16480 sweet dreams fuel1552 teary eyes3934 wavy mouth3577 weapons-grade cute3625 white background95512


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Background Pony #A375
I don't have anyone close like that, so I don't have to worry about separation anxiety! just dying alone…
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Rice pone
@Background Pony #D35A
Chill, it's not that big a deal. You're making an issue over semantics.

Derpibooru has been using the "Pinkamena Diane Pie" tag for this version/mode of hers for many years. Pinkie Pie went "Pinkamena" 6 times (that I know of).

1st — Party of One

2nd — comic series when the Mane 6 went up against Chrysalis; Changelings imitated others and made fun of her

3rd — In the novel by G. M. Berrow, she gives up being a party pony to help her family and asks to not be called "Pinkie Pie" anymore but "Pinkamena"

4th — Cutie mark switch-up in Magical Mystery Cure

5th — Comics again when believed to make ponies sick with her sweets, called herself a villain

6th — Yakity-Sax

It's also referred to her in the alternate Sombraverse arc.

Each time she loses her inherent identity, by decision or influence, and reverts to the demeanor and attitude, or worse, of herself before parties.

There is really no reason to be upset; you have a whole bunch of canonical foundations to justify calling it going "full Pinkamena". She's been sad before but this is clearly something different, if not a state of personality disorder like Bipolar.
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You guys all think she’s sad because her owner is leaving, it she’s really sad because she’s afraid this will happen again >>866469p