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Cadence and Shining as big titty goth wife and boy titty goth husband. Slightly related to a curiouscat ask.
suggestive139563 artist:rainbowsprinklesart584 princess cadance32263 shining armor22833 alicorn218733 unicorn311192 anthro253747 adonis belt142 belly button75572 bellyring1393 bra15476 bracelet9053 breasts269767 busty princess cadance3061 choker11479 cleavage33696 clothes448935 ear piercing25206 earring20387 eyeshadow15050 female1336665 femboy8951 frilly underwear4427 girly1232 goth2103 horn62079 horn ring5446 jewelry60730 makeup20672 male362808 mesh59 midriff19039 nail polish7542 nipple tape501 pants14050 pasties1761 piercing39720 pubic tattoo42 shining femboy armor248 signature23314 simple background383676 tattoo5283 underwear59606


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