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safe1679832 screencap218922 fluttershy209920 garble1786 smolder7703 dragon54650 pegasus281635 pony942090 sweet and smoky926 angry26590 badass3229 boop7274 cropped48564 dragoness8058 fangs24546 female1339112 flutterbadass765 fluttershy is not amused367 flying37374 glare8196 looking at each other19463 male363702 mare467951 narrowed eyes832 spread wings53196 unamused15802 wings101754


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Background Pony #D4E8
Good thing she never met Garble back in Season 2 until they first meet each other just now, otherwise she'll be bullied badly.
Background Pony #D4E8
Fluttershy back in Season 2 would be a different story, and that time was Garble's first appearance. She have improved a lot.