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Thornquill carries off the narrators
safe1726064 artist:mamidulugo80 oc697103 oc only455755 oc:caitbug26 oc:cliff hanger5 oc:cloud 938 oc:curse word178 oc:feather paint52 oc:goombasa36 oc:gutiu serenade11 oc:luna farrowe27 oc:mami dulugo54 oc:pitch115 oc:sojourner31 oc:thornquill16 oc:wuten20 alicorn228286 bat pony50829 earth pony256220 pegasus299593 pony986331 unicorn331898 alicorn oc27104 armor24050 braided ponytail283 cape10524 cellphone3686 clothes466830 crown17469 freckles29470 glasses63033 jewelry65609 magic74234 magic aura4399 phone6415 regalia20557 stockings33439 thigh highs37197 two toned mane1356


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