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The Dragon Lord ordered every Dragon to heat the eggs for the next Generation. One Question. Where are all the grown up Dragons?
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Background Pony #5922
Ember says taking care of the eggs is the Dragon Lord’s responsibility. So presumably the other adult dragons are letting the Dragon Lord do her job.
We’ve had indications that dragons do exhibit some parental care. Torch for instance, and then there’s Smolder talking about dragon parents kicking their kids out during the molt (which wouldn’t be necessary if baby dragons did not live with their parents). Heck, Garble’s introduction has him thinking Spike was being carried by his mother during the migration.

To me though it makes sense the parents would not be there for the incubation. If even a majority of the parent dragons are giant size then there would be no room and the eggs would be at greater risk of being crushed by accident (Ember noted they are very fragile). Thus, the eggs are left with the Dragon Lord for safekeeping until they hatch, then are given to their respective parents whenever they arrive.

There are real world versions of this too in various birds, where a communal nest is looked after by a single dominant adult.
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I have this headcanon dragins don’t really care about their parents or children under normal circumstances. Like turtles they just lay their eggs and leave them to their destiny.
Also to this, I’m thinking Smolder and Garble are half-siblings.
Background Pony #EB2F
What parents? Dragons can’t stop being dicks for 5 solitary seconds, given how Torch treated Ember in regards to who gets to be Dragon Lord and whatever we learned from Garble, Smolder and Ember about dragon culture.
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Maybe all the huge dragons are just greed induced giants, and these are the only normal ones, if you remember Sludge seemed adult already so probably dragons don’t normally grow that much. Nevermind I just remember the Dragon migration and all those huge dragons.
I believe that after the episode with Spike and Dragon Lord, the writters complitly forgot that grown up dragons is actually a thing. It’s kind of disapointing.
Comments26 comments posted