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Another Anthro commission! This one was a lot of fun as well! I enjoyed working on this piece, and I hope you enjoy it too! I haven’t had too many commissions of anthro, let alone of two characters directly interacting like this, so it was a wonderful change of pace!

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safe (1426169)artist:cadetredshirt (223)starlight glimmer (37876)trixie (55950)anthro (200240)unguligrade anthro (37299)unicorn (202273)breasts (202946)choker (7196)cleavage (27264)clothes (354781)colored pupils (7510)come hither (177)corset (3448)dress (34920)dressup (547)evening gloves (6693)female (757874)gloves (14237)gradient background (8973)hand on hip (3579)lesbian (81651)long gloves (3431)looking at camera (108)looking at you (120110)saloon dress (325)shipping (164063)shoulderless (230)simple background (290077)smiling (182686)socks (49000)startrix (2182)stockings (25313)sultry (80)thigh highs (23445)trixie lulamoon and starlight glimmer (1)


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