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They match, they have the same dizziness and fainting from both episodes of my favourites of all, and Francie Bloom, Apple Bloom, Gonnigan and Evil Gonnigan are my favourite characters of all… I love them!

(Red Gonnigan: But they make A TERRIBLE MESS!!!)
safe (1412337)artist:battybovine (22)artist:user15432 (686)apple bloom (42730)applejack (146129)elements of insanity (265)the super speedy cider squeezy 6000 (661)abby cadabby (10)abby's flying fairy school (28)apple tree (2020)bananas in pyjamas (8)blögg (3)blögg's schlubby (1)carrying (1738)circling stars (359)classroom (1243)comic (88240)comparison (3626)cute (145116)deja view! (1)deja vu (26)derp (5884)dizzy (558)earth pony (143342)evil gonnigan (1)evil version (7)fairy (635)fairy wings (305)faithful farmer (14)female (745716)filly (49418)francie bloom (15)gonnigan (33)gray background (4811)listen out loud (2)milkshake! mix (9)pony (677109)rat in a hat (3)rat in a hat's shop (1)simple background (286248)soccer player mouse (1)speech bubble (16189)sweet apple acres (2087)swirly eyes (1643)text (39671)tree (21988)wings (51245)wobbling (65)

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