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Another NG crackship! Tho this one is probably canon to the main universe!

    High Winds is a very talented flier, but a very clumsy and easily distracted mare. She’s energetic, cheerful and playful. She fell in love at first sight with Marble Pie when Pinkie insisted Marble should go out a little more to overcome her shyness and took her to a Wonderbolt Show. High Winds spotted Marble in the crowd while she was flying, which caught her attention enough for High Winds to crash down against a pillar.

    Marble is very shy and introverted, she lacks initiative to approach High Winds, while Winds is very enthusiastic and supportive, and always tries to encourage Marble to go out and such. She’s a real dork who’s head over heels for Marble. She’s very much in love and is the kind of pony who will knock on Marble’s door with a bouquet, and always asks for permission before she kisses Marble cuz she doesn’t want to press or rush her into anything. Marble can be very anxious and insecure about it and doesn’t know how to reciprocate her feelings much, but she’s working on it ^^

In the future, they have son called Cloudy Quartz


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