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safe (1427480)artist:doraair (18)artist:tortured-smile0w0 (117)oc (524409)oc:angsty emocore (4)oc:clausa vera (4)oc:misanthropy melody (4)oc:myringa (4)oc only (363465)oc:soprano shadow (4)alicorn (163140)bat pony (35754)bat pony alicorn (1100)changeling (32325)earth pony (147825)pegasus (187594)pony (695082)unicorn (202683)alicorn oc (17779)angry (19974)annoyed (4322)base used (10534)bat pony oc (10061)blaze (coat marking) (609)changeling oc (5414)choker (7210)clothes (355178)colored sclera (451)commission (40541)ear piercing (16856)earring (14324)female (758666)fishnets (3989)flannel (204)hoodie (10263)jewelry (38913)kneeling (6444)lip piercing (743)mare (334416)nose piercing (1661)not cadance (14)not celestia (54)not flurry heart (4)not luna (94)not twilight sparkle (148)open mouth (103998)piercing (28307)shuting (1)simple background (290356)socks (49070)striped socks (16599)tattoo (3776)transparent background (151634)


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