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This is my first commissioned piece, that I was asked to make, by ~Malduki

This commission was unique, however; in that he asked me to take a picture he had previously drawn himself, and rework it, ink it, and color it. I also find it a unique crossover, taking characters from the Lego Bionicle mythology from the early 2000s, and mixing it with the modern My Little Pony franchise. I would actually be interested in reading a fan-fiction about this cross-over sometime.

As for the composition, it took a lot of changes from the original to create what you see here. I widened the frame and made it more horizontal. I then curved the landscape so that certain elements could remain the way Malduki had drawn them initially. But then I reshaped and added more staffs in so that the drama of the scene could still be there without breaking the laws of perspective. He also personally asked me to add a scowl to the white Bionicle character there, named Saibarru. And also to try and make Twilight and Saibarru look like they were wet. I don’t know if I went over board on the water drops or not, but I think it’s pretty stunning for something I just learned how to do a few days ago.

If any of you out there are interested in making a commission request with me, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I can’t always promise I’ll be able to do it when we initially talk, but that doesn’t mean I can’t pencil you in for when my schedule is more free.

The original picture he made can be seen below:

My commission section is now open if this particular piece has intrigued you about what I can do. I mostly create fan-art of existing characters, including any art you may like to see of yourself or your own OCs. I can do posters, website banners, title-cards for videos, promotional artwork, post-cards, and other things of that nature. However, character design isn’t quite my forte. But feel free to take a look at my commissions guide on my profile and get in touch with me if you have something a little different that you’re interested in having done, and I’ll see if I’m up for it as well.
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