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this is me. holding Reese plushie (Reese from AnimalCrossingNewLeaf)

background is full of things what are part of my life:
* fox – my spirit animal
* overwatch
* steam
* finland flag
* lego – games
* sims
* my little pony
* playstation
* jurassic park
* decepticon
* luigi
* pokemon
* rings – im married
* ginga
* mib
* autobot

ref. used.
bg originals from google

markers i use:
Letraset: Promarker permanent twin tip/Flexmarker/Aquamarker water-base twin tip/Metallicmarker water base twin tip, Copic Ciao, Stabilo: pen.68/point 88 fine 0.4, Fabrico dual marker, Textmark: 500/700, Djego dual tip felt marker, Pentel White Correction, Faber-Castell PITT artist pen, Copic multiliner
safe (1430021)artist:jonou (7)fox (882)human (130841)animal crossing (364)autobot (133)copic (60)crossover (53002)decepticon (133)finland (122)flag (3033)ginga nagareboshi gin (4)glasses (47040)jurassic park (255)lego (1701)luigi (575)marker drawing (534)men in black (83)my little pony logo (3044)overwatch (1437)playstation (230)pokéball (508)pokémon (7601)ring (1694)self insert (671)steam (software) (142)super mario bros. (3129)the sims (121)traditional art (96423)transformers (3251)


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