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i slip my desires into you unnoticed, with the help of the jealousy and hatred you so desperately cling to for comfort from your circumstances. My seeds are now able to grow due to the fertile garden of unchecked emotions. I am now able to manipulate you to my hearts content; then again it would be your own hearts content wouldn’t it? After all I am you in a way, we are one in the same but yet so different. But now we are united because of a common enemy. Someone who has been stealing your honor, you respect by your fellow ponies. You many be a princess but they look through you as if you were nothing more than a drape of some sort; only meant to be push out of the way to let the sunlight in, and closed when the moonlight and your stars appear. So how about a deal? Let me take over and all of your problems would disappear, and your honor and glory will be restored? They will finally love you treat you as your proper title suggests maybe even more than that. So what do you say Luna? Do we have a deal?


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