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safe1614272 artist:hazardous-andy112 artist:kindheart525763 discord29457 fluttershy202864 gentle breeze314 limestone pie4738 posey shy1126 zephyr breeze2141 oc626154 oc:ametrine11 oc:bedlam57 oc:fire opal25 oc:hawk eye53 oc:star sapphire8 oc:turquoise edge121 dragon50822 hybrid16238 kindverse857 adopted offspring963 discoshy2592 family tree311 female1284972 headcanon2147 interspecies offspring6468 male343346 offspring35327 parent:discord2903 parent:fluttershy4304 parent:limestone pie466 parent:oc:ametrine22 parent:oc:star sapphire22 parent:zephyr breeze636 parents:discoshy969 parents:oc x oc1202 parents:zephyrstone203 shipping188175 straight127706 zephyrstone29


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