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Metal Pear commission for @Zajice
safe (1428746)artist:wenni (169)pear butter (2013)pony (697613)belt (3611)black lipstick (183)clothes (355547)collar (24563)commission (40610)dyed mane (202)ear piercing (16873)earring (14338)eyeshadow (10476)female (759596)goth (1473)industrial piercing (22)jeans (2410)jewelry (39013)lipstick (8083)makeup (14077)mare (334929)metal (772)music (2250)pants (9777)piercing (28377)ripped pants (315)simple background (290658)sleeveless (2427)smiling (183082)socks (49115)solo (875696)spiked belt (12)spiked collar (699)spiked wristband (856)stonewashed jeans (1)tail wrap (5057)wristband (2425)


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Neko Majin C
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Twilight's Westley
That should be Hard Rock instead of Rock Hard. The difference may seem negligible, but trust me, they are two completely different things.
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