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"A little spinkle of fog over that buttercup meadow will be just what this spring day needs…"

Parents: Sky Stinger and Vapor Trail

Species: Pegasus/Female

Special Talents: Weather working, creating gentle rainfalls and banks of mist

Nicknames: Misty, Mist

Significant Other: Turnback

Voice Actor: Melissa Rauch

Bio: Mistfeather is a sweet, quiet, and serene weatherpony that's a common sight amongst the many faces of Cloudesdale and Ponyville. Usually called "Misty" for short, this pale pegasus is the daughter to Wonderbolt Vapor Trail and reservist Sky Stinger. However, much unlike both her parents, Misty much prefers to enjoy her slow, gentle flights. Speed isn't really a word in Misty's dictionary. She takes each day in her own unique stride and is a very "stop-and-smell-the-flowers" kind of mare. She is quite passionate about weatherworking, especially in creating soft banks of morning mist to revitalize the grass, or a gentle summer rain to make all the flowers seem fresh and bright. Vapor Trail and Sky Stinger are just happy to see their daughter happy (although the latter sometimes wishes his daughter followed in her parents' hoofprints). Misty's absolute best friend in Equestria, and consequently marefriend, is the unicorn Turnback These two are constantly joined at the hip and are most often seen together. Introduced by their mothers as fillies, the two remained inseparable through childhood. As far as becoming a couple, it wasn't so much a big confession of love so much as Turnback chatting away while they were at the beach, mentioning how much they seemed like a couple. She paused, asked Misty if they just wanted to be together like everypony thinks. Misty just gave one of her signature smiles, a nod, and a tiny kiss on Turney's cheek.


"What a bea-UTIFUL day!"

Parents: Doctor Whooves and Derpy Hooves

Species: Unicorn/Female

Special Talents: Finding the perfect sand from the beaches of Equestria to put into hourglasses (its a very specific talent)

Nicknames: T, Turney, TB

Significant Other: Mistfeather

Voice Actor: Ellen DeGeneres

Bio: Turnback is the excitable, bubbly, loud, and all-around zany daughter of the equally-so Derpy Hooves, and mysterious inventor time traveler Doctor "Time Turner" Whooves. Referred to as "T" or "Turney" for short, Turnback is a unicorn who just loves the stuffing out of life. She goes day to day with a big ole' smile on her face and glittering golden eyes that seem like they want to take in the entire world at once. This unicorn is a familiar sight amongst the citizens of Ponyville. Turney is very much her mother's daughter, and the two are very close. Turnback's strange genetics hail from Derpy's side of the family (in which her younger twin siblings, Dinky and Crackle, are a unicorn and pegasus respectively.) Turnback's talents lie in her creativity. She is tasked wit finding the finest, most beautiful sand from Equestria's beaches and shores for the hourglasses crafted by Canterlot's very artisans. A very specific talent, granted, but Turney loves her work and its a surprisingly decent living. When not trotting along the shoreline or helping her mother at the post office, Turney is rarely seen apart from Mistfeather. While these two are a (rather well-known) couple, at the core of their relationship are two fillies having tea parties and mud fights. Best friends since they were quite young, Misty and Turney go together like peanut butter and jelly ("or marshmallows and hot dogs!") The two are quite compatible and love to take long strolls along the oceanside or spend a quiet moment in a foggy meadow.

i'm back have some more bios.

it was wonderful omg ill show u guys pics soon im real tired lol

Anyway, these two gals are quite beloved to me and I really enjoyed creating them. They originally weren't a couple, but just a pair of best friends meant to fill Derpy's role in the Athenaverse (and maybe have a few little stories to their own). As I developed their characters more, I just really ended up adoring them together and, well, be prepared for some sugary-sweet shipping art for these two. <3

Any comment you leave sincerely makes my day. It helps me know my work is liked and appreciated.

Characters, MLP:FiM © Hasbro, Lauren Faust
Art © 2019
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