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Part 1: >>2030427
Part 2: >>2035505
Part 3: >>CURRENT

Part 3 is here! Thank you all for being patient and your continued support over the month despite my absence. I’m really sorry about the delays. I set my own standards too high and was scared to work on the next instalment incase I did a halfassed job and let everyone down. I realise that not making anything at all would have been a far more disappointing outcome, so I threw this together over about half a day from an earlier sketch.

There will be more instalments of this series, perhaps running into June if it has to but I swear that I will be hard at work on this series and getting it done for you beautiful people to enjoy, no matter what.

Any amount donated will earn you Comfy’s unending gratitude - think of it as a bonus!
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questionable111858 artist:comfyplum195 oc712249 oc:comfy plum55 series:comfy plum's delicious donut drive6 belly29568 belly bed2877 belly expansion574 big belly12075 chubby13522 comic111519 dialogue68062 donut2112 eating9960 fat22659 female1402598 food73030 growth5944 impossibly large belly10820 incentive drive244 messy eating1234 morbidly obese8110 obese11883 open mouth154582 smiling261262 squishy2620 stomach noise3322 weight gain4435 weight gain comic39


not provided yet


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Background Pony #253E

Don’t worry too much, these drawings have been great! :) I look forward to seeing more.

Just wanted to mention that if you’re interested in additional donations, it’s probably best to include a link to your Ko-fi page in the description (or perhaps even source) for each image.