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Man, doing anime practice at Starbucks really paid off!
safe (1429673)artist:crippling depression (33)twilight sparkle (260605)alicorn (163679)anthro (200709)alternate hairstyle (21286)armpits (35602)blushing (153865)breasts (203670)clothes (355851)female (760431)hair over one eye (6916)hand behind head (886)heart (37885)implied lesbian (2530)implied shipping (3570)implied twilestia (136)signature (14877)solo (876259)stretching (1814)tanktop (5875)

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Background Pony #2D48
I’m gonna need some help figuring out the tags. Is this an offspring/OC? Is this a fusion? Is this Twilight with an alternate hairstyle?
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