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Before u ask, yes I know the image is tiny and yes it's supposed to be like that, originally it was just a thumbnail but it turned out cute so I used it to info dump on u fools

Meet the Hooves family.

As much as Derpy seems to be plagued by bad luck, she considers herself one of the luckiest mares in the world.
At this moment she is holding the newest addition to her family in her hooves, the tiny dark blue bean is squirming and blubbering nonsense at her and she is tired and worn but filled to the brim with smiles.
Around her are her partner and her wonderful oldest daughter, while her middle child is cradled safely in her wing.

Derpy is a fan favorite and while I was never part of the hype, I do love her to death.
Working on her family makes me feel pretty mushy bcs I love thinking about her working hard to make her kid(s) happy and always finding a way to smile thru adversity.
Since I can remember I've always had the HC that Dinky is Derpys kid, it's just been so prevalent in the fandom, and I see no reason to change it, I like the idea of Dinky being an unplanned young pregnancy, there is nothing wrong with depicting different types of circumstances and family structures like that imo, sooo I'll keep it.

At the time of this image, Dinky is a young adult, Derpy had been spending much of her time alongside ''Dr.Whooves'' and occasionally tagging along for possibly world saving adventures.
It wasn't exactly unplanned when Derpy fell pregnant, she'd been going somewhat steady with her brown paramour but she knew he had a fear of commitment, so she wasn't completely destroyed when she one day went to find his home entirely empty, no odd blinking monitors and dials, cables and machinery much too big for his small town home, just empty rooms.
He'd left her a letter, she still has it.
Of course loosing an important part of her life like that was hard, but being a single mom is always hardest the first time !
Dinky was a true blessing, she loves her mother to death and helped wherever she could, but not just her.
During the pregnancy and especially after the little caramel beans birth, Derpy was oft helped by her friends, over the years she'd build an incredibly network of ponies that adored her as much as she did them.
One of those Ponies was Soarin' the ever tired Wonderbolt had known Derpy since flight school and they never quite lost contact, despite his lofty ambitions he'd always been a kind soul.
So when Derpy was again stood up by the father of her new foal he was happy to help out.
And weekly visits turned into daily ones, and sleep overs, and babysitting offers, and caserole evenings and shopping trips.
The first time she asked him out on a real date he was baffled but happily accepted, it was a terrible evening, everything went wrong that could've, and the pair returned home with Derpy's dress torn, a part of Soarin's mane missing and a fine on them for breaking the front window of a boutique.
But they were beaming when Dinky opened the door, laughing and being home.

Derpin' has been a big favorite of mine for a long time, they seem like the mature but cheerful romance that is just a blessing and makes you smile.

The third and last adition to the Derpy kid trio, was completely unplanned, Derpy did not plan to have more kids, she was getting more up in years and her two fillys were all she needed, and Soarin' was fine with that, so when they ,against all odds, concieved again, they were startled but couldn't get around being excited.
Despite there being a decent gap between the last two kiddos, there isn't much of a percieved ''middle child vs youngest'' dynamic in part thanks to Dinky smothering them both in loving big sis snuggles.

Tldr: Soarin' is a tired but soft man; Derpy is a complete powerhouse of a mom; Dinky is the proudest big sis you could imagine, def doubleing down on baby slings.

Now who are these lil shapeless blobs up there ?
Let me introduce you to :

lil Brown Chime Stamp Hooves and blue bean Envelopin' Hooves

Names in part inspired by their respective dads and part by their moms terrible penchant for puns and dad humor, tho at PTA meetings, all the parents are secretly purning in fury of not having thought of clever names on her level, or so she is convinced.

Both these buggers are Pegasi, Chime obviously being the elder and Envelopin' being the youngest

More of the NG:
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It's one of those that just feels natural to me for some reason hah.
I imagine these two to be in the same age range and Derpy seems like she's an unwilling hero esp after her scene in the movie, catching a spell to protect twilight.
And I really enjoy the ''clumsily in love, old people'' vibe I get from them hah ! By the time Envelopin' is grown up I mean.
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