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safe1615002 artist:kate sherron84 idw14654 applejack162528 fluttershy202920 pinkie pie207388 rainbow dash223978 rarity173704 twilight sparkle288202 spoiler:comic10300 spoiler:comic8013 adventuring party55 arrow1956 barbarian173 bard248 book31501 bow (weapon)1327 bow and arrow892 d2074 druid125 dungeons and dragons1203 fantasy class1430 flutterdruid56 larp20 mane six30365 parody15335 pen and paper rpg586 ranger109 rpg1019 weapon28420 wizard612


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Pinkie as DM? This will be one crazy game. And hmm, I wonder if Spike, Big Mac, and Discord will be involved. They play the game as well.