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January 5-May 18, 2019.
>>1871552 colored with some modifications on the hosiery and shoes.
suggestive167553 artist:johnjoseco4501 artist:king-kakapo1271 color edit8293 edit152100 rarity199334 human189329 beautiful6579 breasts329584 broom2109 busty rarity15128 cleavage39675 clothes540527 collaboration6072 colored21617 corset5014 costume33349 female1555498 flying45452 flying broomstick941 full moon4053 hat104143 high heels13890 humanized107959 legs10073 looking at you207515 moon26985 sexy36049 shoes47135 sketch71005 skirt46595 socks78729 solo1226419 solo female201681 stockings40319 stupid sexy rarity1592 thigh highs46306 thighs20459 witch2882 witch hat4039


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Because COLORING!!
I wish the lipstick wasn’t obscuring the lip bite from the original sketch quite so much.
But that’s an extremely minor complaint. All in all, this is FANTASTIC. Excellent work! I love the change from leggings to thigh-highs.
It’s always a treat to see JJ’s sketches get colored in and finished. I’ve colored in a fair few myself, but there’s a world of difference between a simple colorist like me, and an actual artist who really knows what they’re doing.