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Uploaded by Background Pony #6102
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safe (1459513)artist:skoon (776)queen chrysalis (29984)oc (540574)oc:granny changeling (3)changeling (34088)changeling queen (8665)betrayal (438)comic (92294)cookie (2987)crying (36578)cute (154188)cutealis (1523)dialogue (52377)dilated pupils (545)eye contact (5807)eyeroll (481)facedesk (64)faceplant (581)female (786514)floppy ears (42247)food (53093)frown (20041)glare (7706)grandmother (80)hooves (14945)lidded eyes (19910)looking at each other (13234)madorable (415)majestic as fuck (1052)nom (2678)offscreen character (25152)open mouth (107603)partial color (4071)quadrupedal (1111)sad (21016)sadorable (458)simple background (299468)smiling (188661)solo focus (12908)speech bubble (17276)teary eyes (2518)text (42189)white background (74706)wide eyes (14968)


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23 comments posted
Background Pony #F558
I wouldn’t say that Chrysalis is "suffering" in this comic. It’s more like a childish sense of betrayal that stems from her assumption that Granny had used love as an actual ingredient in the cookies.
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Background Pony #F558
Chryssi, I thinks she meant that she made them lovingly, not that she used love as an actual ingredient.

Personally, I think it’d be strange if you didn’t.
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Dumpster Fire
Just so everybody knows, using "mislead" was an accidental grammatical error on my part, the source image now has the correct past tense; misled.
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Background Pony #D14C
Why did my mind go to a dirty place when I read the panel that said "Made With Love"?
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Comments23 comments posted