Happy Birthday, MLP:FiM! MLP:FiM turns 9 years old this year! Let's celebrate with an art event!
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Original Meme By PurpleWonderPower 

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I’ll make a journal as to why I want these things to happen in Season 9
safe (1426626)artist:bea-drowned (14)apple bloom (43540)applejack (147541)bright mac (958)chancellor neighsay (525)coloratura (2474)cozy glow (4134)discord (26663)flam (1909)flim (2021)fluttershy (183836)gladmane (133)pear butter (2010)princess luna (87893)sci-twi (18749)scootaloo (46463)stygian (564)sunset shimmer (50567)sweetie belle (43772)tempest shadow (11105)timber spruce (1654)twilight sparkle (259929)bloom and gloom (952)equestria girls (159351)friendship university (653)leap of faith (672)legend of everfree (7033)marks for effort (967)my little pony: the movie (16483)shadow play (1114)the mane attraction (1056)the perfect pear (1276)to where and back again (2366)viva las pegasus (644)cutie mark crusaders (16223)flim flam brothers (1104)rara (939)things i want to see in season 9 (4)


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Wallet After Summer Sale

I quote myself.

There are countless characters that deserve to be revisited (Babs Seed, Diamond Tiara/Silver Spoon, Lightning Dust, Rolling Thunder, Short Fuse, Suri Polomare, the Pillars, Gilda/Gabby/Greta, Coco Pommel, Autumn Blaze, Iron Will, Bright Mac and Pear Butter, Sky Stinger and Vapor Trail, Cheese Sandwich, Daring Do, Ahuizotl, Pharynx, Wind Rider, Gladmane and many others)

They can also show Scorpan, Grogar, Katrina, Zebras, Centaurs, Minotaurs, Abessinia and a whole heap of other things one day.

We still have to see the CMC Manehattan, meet other Zebras, hear more stories about AJs parents and learn more about Trixies past and her father.

Autumn Blaze must meet Pinkie and Maud.

Limestone, Marble and Cheerilee need their special someponies.

Discord could have an adventure with the CMC.

Spike has yet to meet his real parents.

AND I want Rainbow to reconcile with Lightning and start a friendly rivalry with her.
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That one EqD commenter
>Chancellor Neighsay returns
Eh, I could live without seeing him again. Not a fan of him.
>An interaction between Sci-Twi and Princess Twilight
You mean like we had in Spring Breakdown?
>Tempest makes an appearance
Okay, I’d be on board with that.
>Flim and Flam return and reform
Ugh, I could live without seeing them again. They’re getting annoying at this point.
>Stygian returns
Sure, why not?
>Timber appears as a pony
Yeah, no. Please no.
>Sunset makes an appearance
The writers are always going to keep EqG and FiM separate, so that’s not happening.
>Rara returns
I’d love that, but sadly Lena Hall wasn’t in the list of guest stars they announced for this season.
>A Princess Luna episode
Sure, that might be fun.
>More Info about what happened to Pear Butter and Bright Mac
It’s unlikely they’ll go down that rabbit hole again.
>Cozy reforms
That’s pretty much inevitable at this point.
>Cozy’s origins
That would really intrigue me, for sure.
>Fluttershy and Discord specific episode
We’re probably getting something like that.
>Gladmane returns
Why him? Don’t care about that character.
>AJ specific episode
Sure, I guess.
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Background Pony #5CDD
Any character but timber is fine by me. Timber doesn’t deserve to appear as pony either here or in equestria girls
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