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Chrysalis and Cozy both have some annoyingly complex accessories. Also, it’s pretty damn hard to get two characters with a massive size difference in the show to interact in scale. I don’t even think Chrysalis is show accurate size wise in this picture.
I’ve sketched a few Chryssies before, but this is the first time I’ve actually finished a full body pic of her.
explicit418085 semi-grimdark33513 artist:ponypeon263 cozy glow8792 queen chrysalis39116 changeling58548 pegasus408174 pony1327079 anus119327 changeling on filly action19 changeling on pony action224 cozybuse490 cozysalis14 creepy alien facehugger dick327 crotchboobs25828 dock62138 egg4838 fangs33354 female1606283 fetish49345 filly85084 floppy ears64639 foalcon20533 forced kiss107 freckles36614 french kiss3167 frog (hoof)17506 futa55108 futa on female13990 futa on filly245 futa queen chrysalis1623 futadom1980 heart61483 heart eyes22790 imminent rape1812 imminent sex9079 interspecies27793 kissing28957 mind control4242 nipples212191 nudity453351 oviposition2418 ovipositor873 premature ejaculation284 teats9442 text76298 underhoof61880 vaginal secretions46895 vulva161550 wingding eyes30423 x-ray9726


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I want Cozy to wake up the next morning with no memory of what happened, and wondering why she suddenly gained a bunch of weight.
Cozy Glow: “I don’t understand it… I just feel so heavy.”  
Chrysalis: “Too many late night cupcakes, perhaps.”  
Cozy Glow: “But I don’t eat cupcakes at night.”  
Chrysalis: “Oh, didn’t you know? You’ve been sleepwalking. And sleep eating. You’ve been doing it a while.”  
Cozy Glow: “Gosh, I have? I guess that would explain why I’ve been so tired lately too.”  
Chrysalis: “Yes, truly a problem. Although… I could help, if you wanted.”  
Cozy Glow: “You could?”  
Chrysalis: “Of course. You just stay with me all night. I’d be happy to take care of you all night long.”  
Cozy Glow: “Well… that sounds ok, but… what do you get out of it?”  
Chrysalis: “Oh, it will be a load off me to know you’re properly taken care of. Several loads even.”