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Applejack: "Pardon me, I gotta pass through for a bit ta fix a big leak over in Italy, hopefully before it becomes somethin' more serious. Y'all wouldn't know anything about this, would ya?"

Chrysalis: "This AGAIN!? Seriously!?"

Cozy Glow: "And during the final season too…"

Tirek: "Even I'M not that evil!"

Bad day to you, my nefarious ne'er-do-wells! It's time to crash this Season 9 Retirement Party in the name of villainy everywhere! This week's comic is based on Frenemies, aka: "Chrysalis Does All the Hard Work and Somehow Learns a Lesson About Teamwork: the Episode". We get an update on how The Evil League of Supervillains and Cozy Glow has been doing, and it looks like Grogar's plan of getting a bunch of monsters who actively hate or otherwise don't properly understand friendship to work together is going about as well as could be expected. Little do they realize that the Friendship Virus is already inside them, and it's only a matter of time before it consumes them and forces them to forsake their evil ways and join the ranks of Discord and Starlight! …Also they stole a bell from Grogar. I feel like that's not gonna end well for them, but time will tell, I suppose.

I'm… honestly not sure where this comic came from. For some reason, I got it in my head to draw Grogar as this kind, elderly caretaker who's basically the opposite of what Grogar actually is, then I saw the villains accidentally almost become friends, and… this just kinda happened. Experimenting with a new art style is always a risk, so I just hope I was able to achieve the effect I was going for with this one.

Hope you all get along well with each other, and for the love of Harmony, Hasbro, don't ruin the series finale by letting it air early! This is how Grogar wins, you know!
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"Hope you all get along well with each other, and for the love of Harmony, Hasbro, don't ruin the series finale by letting it air early! This is how Grogar wins, you know!"

Well that aged like poop. Also that last panel reignites my hatred of "Ending of the End".
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Nothing’s happening… still don’t know if it will become an official Derpibooru tag like ‘cozybetes’ and ‘cutealis’.
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I want to add the ‘tirebetes’ tag to all ‘cute’ images of Tirek but I’m afraid to because someone might delete them.
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I don’t know about that… I saw one post with the tag ‘tirebetes’ and it was this one.
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How come Cozy and Chryssie have a ’cute’ tag while Tirek doesn’t? There are quite a few ‘cute’ posts of Tirek.

Tirebetes, anyone?
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Yeah, I think if anyone is going to NOT be reformed, it's gonna be Grogar. Seems like they're building up to the 3 baddies working against the bigger baddy and learning friendship for themselves in the process, but only time can say for sure.


I think it's a pretty decent possibility with Tirek (or at least, notably above a 0% chance), because I have a feeling that they wouldn't have had him say, get defensive over "Gram-Gram" if they were building towards absolute irredeemability, because that establishes that he's still capable of caring for others.

Grogar though? I don't think they've given us one hint he's capable of caring about anyone else so far.