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From the artist:
"Friends don't let friends' alcohol spill.

This is a high level friendship save attained by perfect mental synchronization."

If you've never been to the Snake Pit at the Indy 500, you're missing out. Booze, music, and bad fashion as far as the eye can see.

…also, I need one of those hats.

Commission from Pshyzo's Patreon. Posted with artist's permission.
suggestive145571 artist:pshyzomancer495 rainbow dash236287 rarity183695 equestria girls203297 armpits43194 baseball cap2150 braless1060 breasts283709 busty rainbow dash8320 busty rarity13154 cap4665 cleavage35148 clothes467582 commission70725 cup6405 denim shorts717 dress45295 drunk4928 drunker dash403 fanny pack35 female1382311 hat88418 implied flashing3 indianapolis 5007 lesbian98146 lineart20858 patreon12797 patreon logo8695 pouring139 rarara364 raridash1928 shipping203001 snake pit1 socks67468 sun hat983 sundress276 sunglasses14751 tanktop7844


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