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safe (1411486)screencap (170312)queen chrysalis (28860)frenemies (episode) (1163)spoiler:s09e08 (1160)animated (83854)annoyed (4226)changeling (31632)changeling queen (7500)darkness (543)disembodied eyes (8)eyes in the dark (92)faic (10177)fangs (17270)female (745037)forked tongue (697)former queen chrysalis (240)gif (23433)glowing eyes (8361)hissing (307)intimidating (119)queen chrysalis is not amused (23)raised eyebrow (5269)scared (7665)stalker (263)stalking (93)unamused (11010)walking (3366)

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and in that moment the darkness felt the real terror

since that day the darkness was not the miss
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