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Background Pony #F440
"Hey Barb, can I play with your tail while I’m reading? I know it’s weird, but I always play while I’m studying to relax."
>"Sure thing Dusk."
>Barbs sits on Dusk’s lap, tail raised to his hand.
>Dusk holds it softly, placing his thumb and fingers near the tip.
"Thanks Barb. I know is funny, but I need to play with something to focus."
>"Oh, don’t worry Dusk, I know how you do your studying techniques."
>"Besides… ~you can play with me later~ ."
"Excuse me Barb, did you said something? I wasn’t listening."
>"Nothing Dusk. Nothing at all."
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Casually holding a tail like that almost seems like a soft BDSM thing a couple would get away doing in public lol. But it’s more likely Dusk is barely even noticing Barbs at the moment.
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