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Background Pony #32CB
For Discord, make New Friends is not easy, but were a new friend fond him, is hard for him to see them as friends but were he finally opein his eyes, he see them as friends! in the show, he got 6 great friends but one is his favourite, and he will not lie on this! is fluttershy, she a show him friendship is magic! but is favourite his Princess? some fan will say Celestia but is not her but Twilight. Why? she a show him is nothing wordied then friendship!, he a still a lot to learn of friendship , he say him self , friendship is all new for him, so is hard for him, he past most of live to be a evil, gentle man but evil, now learn everything he can of friendship, of course he will not miss a chance to make some pun or joke, well this is nature and personality!
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Background Pony #DDFE
@Background Pony #3F4E
The entire story doesn’t take more time than a week. I would never beleive in the romance in that short time when it takes years for Discord to spill anything toward Fluttershy.
Background Pony #DDFE
Discord is too proud to ever open himself like that. Unless its Fluttershy and after they spent years being close friends.