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11 comments posted
Background Pony #25BD
I do love happy endings :,) and he saved her 3 times but he's right…there was aalso the time she saves his life like the magic beam from the crystal and after she bring discord back to himself when he lost control of himself and I got to say…this is the most beautiful and romantic and lovely and cute moment I ever see i'm sad happy :,) this is wonderful! |sign count ziltromon
Background Pony #B4EA
For Discord, make New Friends is not easy, but were a new friend fond him, is hard for him to see them as friends but were he finally opein his eyes, he see them as friends! in the show, he got 6 great friends but one is his favourite, and he will not lie on this! is fluttershy, she a show him friendship is magic! but is favourite his Princess? some fan will say Celestia but is not her but Twilight. Why? she a show him is nothing wordied then friendship!, he a still a lot to learn of friendship , he say him self , friendship is all new for him, so is hard for him, he past most of live to be a evil, gentle man but evil, now learn everything he can of friendship, of course he will not miss a chance to make some pun or joke, well this is nature and personality!
Background Pony #BA44
@Background Pony #3F4E
The entire story doesn't take more time than a week. I would never beleive in the romance in that short time when it takes years for Discord to spill anything toward Fluttershy.
Background Pony #BA44
Discord is too proud to ever open himself like that. Unless its Fluttershy and after they spent years being close friends.