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Kagura Kuroko

It’s a bit from an Animaniacs episode with Slappy Squirrel and her nephew. The context being that Skippy (the nephew) got traumatized from seeing Bumbee’s mom getting shot in a parody film of “Bambi”. And he wouldn’t stop bawling over it until Slappy took him to see the actress who played Bumbee’s mom all those years ago, just to show it was only a movie.
Hope that clears that up.
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(Foil Hat)
This scene seems to suggest the only reason the photo wall was reverted in Season 8 is because Babs isn’t allowed to appear in even-numbered seasons. Yeah, I know, my tinfoil hat is showing…
Beta Upgrade

the irony and one the show writers didnt and couldnt have known about  
theres a fanfic that shares this episodes name that deals with one of the cmc (applebloom) dieing and her ghost haunting ponyville for awhile, continueing to play with her freinds till shes ready to finaly pass on…very sad
episode probly isnt anywhere near as hardhitting

Apple Bloom(crying): “At this point I think the last Cutie Mark Crusaders meeting begins. First point on the agenda.”  
CMC crying  
Scootaloo(crying): “You can’t disappoint the White flanks just because I won’t be there. You must continue to be the CMC even without me!”  
Sweetie Belle(crying): “How? we will stay only in two!”  
Scootaloo(crying): “You could find someone to replace me!”  
Sweetie Belle(crying): “You are the only … you!”  
Apple Bloom(crying): “It will never be the same thing! Who will lead the scooter in front of us wherever we go?”  
Sweetie Belle(crying): “And who will play with us? And who will come camping with us? And who will be with us?”  
Scootaloo(crying): “Well, for me it’s even sadder, I’m forced to say goodbye to you both!”  
Scootaloo she falls to the ground. The CMC crying. And me too.