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>tfw watching italian localization

HQ video
safe (1459305)artist:eqamrd (283)queen chrysalis (29984)changeling (34074)changeling queen (8660)frenemies (episode) (1260)spoiler:s09e08 (1257)animated (86214)cute (154134)cutealis (1517)cute little fangs (1418)daaaaaaaaaaaw (2691)eye shimmer (1065)fangs (18392)featured image (720)female (786339)gif (24513)happy (24689)headbob (372)highlights (100)hnnng (2084)horn (28766)metronome (25)open mouth (107584)party soft (89)perfect loop (792)smiling (188609)solo (894864)teeth (6658)tongue out (78282)weapons-grade cute (2779)wings (55912)


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Adan Druego
[IsoCon] 01-056-003-001

@Undead dragon soldier

Don’t you just hate it when you try doing something and it doesn’t work right?
But, at least, when you return to fix your mistakes, you’re instantly greeted by a bouncy and happy Queen Chrysalis. Thus, life once again seems worth putting up with for a few more days decades.
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Praise Chrysalis!
@Conversed Corruption
@Undead dragon soldier
Because I was fixing up missing tags on other images, and forgot that adding in certain tags will automatically change the rating. I accidentally changed the tags on this image instead of one on another tab, so more than just the two I added got changed. I only removed the two I added shortly after, and didn’t end up changing anything else. My bad.
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Pretty soft for a Sony.
@Undead dragon soldier
See its stuff like this that makes me wish that Queen Chrysalis could be redeem before season 9 ends, maybe not go full on peace loving hippy lifestyle changedling…
But just redeemded enough to get a chance to live a normal lifestyle…
with optional shipping opportunities
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Chibi dragon lord
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Spike shipper
@Conversed Corruption
I know someone else who agrees.

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