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Here is another picture of Equestria and the Human World Merging together. When Twilight Sparkle introduces Shining Armor, Cadance, and Flurry Heart the human counterparts from their world that had merged together by Star Swirl’s great powerful spells. While things were getting used by the union party for the Ponies and humans to get to know each other, it turned out things were going smoothly.

Let’s hope Grogar, or even Queen Chrysalis wouldn’t use this to their advantage.
safe (1427268)artist:conthauberger (73)edit (98921)vector edit (1751)princess cadance (28080)princess flurry heart (5514)sci-twi (18759)shining armor (20071)spike (68381)spike the regular dog (2239)sunset shimmer (50581)twilight sparkle (260059)alicorn (163083)dog (7413)dragon (37553)human (130607)pony (694946)unicorn (202601)equestria girls (159419)alumnus shining armor (200)canterlot (3960)canterlot castle (1255)dean cadance (867)doggy dragondox (72)human ponidox (2949)self ponidox (6203)spike's dog collar (304)spike the dog (2276)throne room (725)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (101817)twolight (923)vector (66492)


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Human Shining Armor: To be honest, Pony me. Dean Cadance and I aren’t really sure we should get married.

Shining Armor: Well, Flurry here might need a human counterpart. After all, My wife can be quite a matchmaker, that your Twilight could really gain a great sister and a niece.
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Background Pony #9BCB
Someone barges in

"Hold up! When humans come to the pony world, they become ponies themselves! What is this dark magic!?"
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