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Cozy Glow (aka Cozy Rook, aka her cutiemark) and Princess Flurry Heart are both kinda brats. Cozy’s an evil little twoface and Flurry’s a prissy princess, literally. Flurry releases the two to be her consorts, yet she and Cozy gang up on Tirek to irritate and flirt with him. He’s not interested until faaaaaaaaaaar later, but he doesn’t have that much choice being an evil soul-sucking horse monkey.

Tirek, you have two adults right beside you. How many more do you need?I

(edit: forgot tirek’s cute fluffy goat ears)

(of course, this for flagged even though there’s no sexual content here… A JOKE OR A REFERENCE DOES NOT MAKE IT SEXUAL CONTENT.)
safe (1355472)artist:unoriginai (584)cozy glow (2831)lord tirek (3327)princess flurry heart (5178)alicorn (148797)armpits (32726)blushing (144564)cloven hooves (6496)cozirek (25)cozyheart (1)cute (135199)female (693357)femdom (5481)flirting (1076)flurrek (1)i need an adult (215)jewelry (34168)lesbian (75600)lucky bastard (1513)male (234508)mare (302223)nose piercing (1372)nose ring (1108)older (16358)older cozy glow (57)older flurry heart (500)ot3 (412)pegasus (167405)piercing (25748)pony (632788)presenting (18099)regalia (10647)shipping (153326)simple background (272036)straight (103290)text bubbles (94)tirek gets all the mares (1)transparent background (142961)trio (5362)updated image (49)


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