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Was nice too see a full villain episode with no mane 6 in this weeks #MLPSeason9 episode. I had a lot of fun sketching as you can see XD. #brony #mylittlepony #art #fanart #MLPFiM #MLP #sketch #drawing #Villain
safe1587398 artist:jowybean839 cozy glow6329 discord28959 lord tirek4884 queen chrysalis32740 centaur2680 changeling41360 changeling queen12913 draconequus9141 pegasus247662 pony857515 frenemies (episode)1477 colored sketch2437 female1227854 filly59937 foal14921 hilarious in hindsight3052 male331040 monochrome143000 nose piercing2349 nose ring1881 piercing35655 pizza box281 quartet384 simple background349537 this will end in chaos23 white background87386


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Background Pony #9968
They’d all be f’d. Even together those three in their current state couldn’t hope to beat Discord.
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