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Was nice too see a full villain episode with no mane 6 in this weeks #MLPSeason9 episode. I had a lot of fun sketching as you can see XD. #brony #mylittlepony #art #fanart #MLPFiM #MLP #sketch #drawing #Villain
safe (1446535)artist:jowybean (812)cozy glow (4540)grogar (1003)lord tirek (4120)queen chrysalis (29750)centaur (1991)changeling (33334)changeling queen (8171)pegasus (194175)pony (714249)frenemies (episode) (1239)spoiler:s09e08 (1236)armpits (36450)better way to be bad (105)colored sketch (2232)dialogue (51513)facehoof (1522)female (775991)filly (51591)flower (18756)flower in mouth (489)foal (12549)legion of doom (184)male (263355)mare (345220)mouth hold (13520)nose piercing (1758)nose ring (1441)piercing (28918)rose (3068)rose in mouth (150)spotlight (1061)


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Background Pony #1B0D
Ponies have the ability to spontaneously create a perfectly coordinated musical number no matter the singing ability or lyrical knowledge of the participants. It seems being evil doesn’t take away that ability from Cozy Glow.
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In Treue fest
With so much experience in villainy, one would hope that Grogar might have some appreciation for the villainous musical number. This sort of philistinism is decidedly unbecoming of his status. No wonder they’re all plotting against him.
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