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safe1559018 artist:shieltar340 princess celestia89191 princess luna93314 oc596152 oc:grace harmony174 human140232 pegasus233650 pony829858 comic:birth of equestria233 beach12511 cewestia1679 clothes402622 comic100323 dialogue59087 female882865 filly58546 partial nudity16412 pink-mane celestia2029 topless10767 transformation9603 woona4903 younger15496


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Artist -

your description of the proff's attitude could not be more wrong.

He is actively trying to prevent the spread of magic, as explicitly stated in Book5-15

and was utterly distraught when he found out how much magic had affected his daughter Book6-15 to Book6-23
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When you see three physically impossible creatures appear randomly on a beach, before then realizing that because of them your whole world will be turned into a cartoonish sycophantic candyland of a parody because nobody thought to find the man behind all this and take down his whole world ending operation.

Now this scientific madman has practically turned his own daughter (or more like a lab rat than a kid) into his own expirament without even batting an eye and is all like "well golly, imma just continue and make reality altering bombs in my basement. Totally not caring about the world and everything in it"

I mean, magic at thus point is considered to be almost like radiation if not more devastating since there appears nothing to stop it.

Also, what the HELL Mark!? I know you wanna get laid really bad and all but doing it with a madman's expirament of all people?… Really? (Then again, he has been turned into a pony before so suffice to say he's already a goner)

ALL to get thrown aside and forgotten cause PONY FACE!!!

The madness never ends….
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Wait… Grace just went human again after going pony. Does that mean that she is bottomless aka lacking clothes from the waist down currently?
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