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Requested by FacelessScribe (deviantArt name)
They requested a Celestia/ Daybreaker version of this picture: >>341850 drawn by the incredibly talented Andy Price for the MLP comics (I wish I was that talented .).
They wanted this version for Bronycon 2019 and hopefully it meets his expectations, even if its drawn in my own style.

Being able to draw Celestia and Daybreaker this was was easy for the sketching. Nothing was traced, it was all drawn from scratch using the original comic cover as a reference (positions, sizes, all that), I did have to use the original MLP logo there, make it seem more authentic like an actual comic book cover. Things got complex with the effects and background. I have never really coloured anything metal or shiny before so making the armor look shiny was quite the challenge. Making the fire look natural and bright was another challenge, especially having to change the fire colour up slightly for the flames on the floor. There was a lot of light and little to no shadow which made shading a tad easier. All in all it was a good 2 week project.

Either way I hope you all like it!

Credit to Andy Price for the original piece (Luna and Nightmare Moon) used as a reference for this picture.
MLP cannon characters © Hasbro


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