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explicit361847 artist:cutelewds386 sweetie belle49755 pony1011797 unicorn342847 anatomically correct24846 anus100354 butt66093 dock52098 facing away283 female1403101 filly69737 foalcon18463 magic75459 magic aura4660 magical spreading469 magical stimulation1533 nudity382712 plot82126 ponut45631 presenting24921 presenting anus700 presenting pussy1255 puckered asshole3053 raised tail16100 rear view12827 simple background409641 solo1095291 solo female183764 spread pussy3878 spreading19864 sweetie butt731 tail31047 tail aside1537 telekinesis28772 transparent background209082 urethra2481 vagina49892 vulva132462


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Background Pony #0516
The little slut.
Is it really a surprise, considering who her sister is?
“…and that, Sweetie Belle, is why a lady always swallows.”
“Oh my, is that the time? I suppose I did ramble on a bit there.”
“… My book report? I just wanted to know if you believe in happy endings.”