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Just remember this helpful rhyme: Skirt below tail, never fail. Tail below skirt, you’re a flirt.
safe1970728 artist:dstears709 earth pony361061 pony1322422 alliteration69 announcement210 butt178700 clothes558865 female1602375 generic pony840 lewd808 meme88844 monochrome163608 pleated skirt4298 plot114961 public service announcement233 purple text215 simple background500947 skirt47961 skirt lift5161 solo1267787 tail66151 tail hole1761 technically an upskirt shot106 text75918 truth1056 upskirt6696 we don't normally wear clothes1013 white background130094


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Background Pony #579D
i mean… im not particularly sure. this presentation is to show what human eyes identify on ponies. ponies might have a different take on it, after all, the ponies in the show sometimes wear “lewd” clothing. to them its just a cosmetic.
really thats the idea. clothing is much less practical in their world. the only reason ponies wear clothes is for cosmetic reasons, cultural takes and to set the mood and atmosphere as most ponies are very expressive.
there is the other main reason which explains Tempest shadow’s attire. its protective in nature and thus assists the wearer in what it is designed for. which makes me wonder… what is tempest’s armor’s qualities?
Duck - "someone befriended them, saved them, coaxed them out of their shell, and showed them that sex is nothing to be afraid of. I’m kind of envious of that rape victim"

shameless mares wear long skirts to hide their cutie mark and tease innocent stallions with the possibility that it may be something scandalous, leading those stallions into being tempted to reveal it!
Background Pony #E46D
So, the skirts Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle wore in the beginning of On Your Marks are lewd?