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Was tempted to add Rarity as Cogsworth and Rainbow Dash as Lumiere, but… nah.
safe (1525947) artist:toonbat (240) sandbar (4363) yona (4202) anthro (219601) semi-anthro (10601) she's all yak (1021) beast (81) beauty and the beast (323) belle (120) bipedal (29236) clothes (389018) cloven hooves (8347) crossdressing (8259) dancing (7346) disney (2228) dress (37746) female (850805) interspecies (20025) male (289531) scene interpretation (7414) shipping (177308) straight (117561) the beast (21) yonabar (211)


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21 comments posted
Background Pony #BBD5
Huh, and until looking at the tags I thought this was a comment on who was the man in this relationship.
Background Pony #B559
Totally legit. The cosplay totally fits their character, no matter gender here, as Sandbar looks sweet enough to crossdress.

How about Sandbank and Brona? (Rule 63)
Background Pony #81DF
There was absolutely no avoiding this when you take a good look at Yona.

Beautiful Ballerina
Sandbar looks nice in Belle's dress and Yona look good in Beast's clothes. Especially Sandbar in Belle's dress, it just to make me dress up in a dress and dance with him.