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Another Ponification of a MEMRI TV Screenshot.

This one featuring what i Assume is the pony version of a Muslim preacher advising to shoot down (((Gryphons))) at first sight. Made by Anonymous.
safe1637044 artist:dankflank477 edit125456 semi-anthro12705 /mlpol/415 beard3390 clothes434622 dialogue61943 facial hair5400 glasses58138 griffons as jews stereotype11 gryphons4 islam322 meme80172 memri tv23 politics1352 ponified39444 preacher8 subtitles1391 talking5043 talkshow1 television2324 underhoof49064


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Background Pony #F524
Goats. Not gryphons. Goats. You know, docile animals who have lambs and all that.
Background Pony #9C40
This is why Celestia dont let extremist religiousness in equestria, all this is nothing but trouble and give a high risk of war and she dont want this! if somepony do this will in serieuse trouble! Celestia a working so hard to create a equestria who her little will be love and all other pony will feel save! nobody know are many years is a take for her to stop those madness of extremist religiousness!but she a never kill somepony or creature to make other obey, yes she use her Royal Canterlot Voice and crimenal in jail for thier crime but she not kill someone who be agains her peace project. if she a dont this, everypony will be scare of her like with sombra, sombra a become king by violence,murder and slaving , he be so fear his name is not say it i high voice for not risk scare other pony, somepony a still scare of him, if you say King Sombra he or she will go crazy scare! this why the guard a say he a return! not very pony love hear the name of the Mad king!
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💠horse fancy💠
The absolute madlad. Well, I'm sitting here, stunned and that cuteness is melting my heart.
Where can I throw some of my limited euros at you? I really appreciate your art, damn. <3