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About halfway (?) done with the students. Doing them mostly in alphabetical order. This is a preview shot. Eventually adding them with the rest of the students and the student six in one massive group shot, as well as individual uploads.
safe (1358033)artist:cheezedoodle96 (648)amber grain (51)auburn vision (149)berry blend (238)berry bliss (238)berry sweet (45)bifröst (70)citrine spark (196)clever musings (76)dawnlighter (38)end zone (44)fire flicker (43)fire quacker (196)fuchsia frost (49)golden crust (30)huckleberry (191)loganberry (59)night view (50)november rain (286)peppermint goldylinks (245)starblazer (4)awwburn vision (2)background pony (6475)blissabetes (12)cute (135691)dawwnlighter (3)diabifröst (2)earth pony (129602)female (695150)flying (27597)friendship student (759)group (2224)looking at you (111693)male (235206)mare (303123)pegasus (168090)peppermint adoralinks (17)pony (634304)pose (3745)quackerdorable (12)raised hoof (29442)rearing (4124)simple background (272682)sitting (42993)smiling (170207)stallion (65197)svg (2761).svg available (6419)transparent background (143251)unicorn (178432)vector (63541)zoneabetes (3)

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