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About halfway (?) done with the students. Doing them mostly in alphabetical order. This is a preview shot. Eventually adding them with the rest of the students and the student six in one massive group shot, as well as individual uploads.
safe1598930 artist:cheezedoodle96812 amber grain85 auburn vision217 berry blend399 berry bliss401 berry sweet81 bifröst113 citrine spark348 clever musings136 dawnlighter65 end zone72 fire flicker104 fire quacker348 fuchsia frost95 golden crust128 huckleberry325 loganberry101 night view78 november rain521 peppermint goldylinks403 starblazer5 earth pony210280 pegasus251607 pony868114 unicorn278399 .svg available7742 awwburn vision4 background pony9554 blissabetes19 cute183329 dawwnlighter3 diabifröst2 diablazer2 female1271796 flying35056 friendship student1491 group3099 group photo710 loganbetes7 looking at you149519 male338071 mare431979 novemberbetes22 peppermint adoralinks39 pose5080 quackerdorable29 raised hoof40004 rearing5193 simple background353901 sitting56502 smiling220818 stallion95736 svg3308 transparent background183410 vector71759 zoneabetes3


not provided yet


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12 comments posted
Background Pony #66C4
It’s almost been a year I’m just wondering when you’ll be able to finish this image?
Background Pony #3FC2
It’s been 2 years I’m just wondering when you’re gonna finish this image. I’m just asking.
Background Pony #0F0E
It’s been 2 weeks already how close are you to finishing this image?
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