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Tiara and Spoon may be nice now, but they're still bullies in bed apparently.

Colored version of >>1912521

This is the first pic of these three as foals in a threesome on this site. How in the world…
explicit338511 artist:dtcx97645 apple bloom48385 diamond tiara10059 silver spoon6425 earth pony231410 pony922618 accessories998 applespoon29 bedroom9733 blank flank7399 blushing189680 colored18780 cunnilingus9353 cutie mark45449 diamondbloom220 eyes closed88300 facesitting3164 female1321418 females only11927 filly63963 flat colors2050 floppy ears49882 foal15189 foalcon17704 glasses59279 glasses off325 gritted teeth11527 group sex14704 herd134 hooves17377 jewelry58930 lesbian94042 lineless3652 loose hair1793 necklace17368 night25220 nudity356545 oral47076 orgasm10969 pillow17103 sex116093 shipping193978 show accurate13786 silverdiamondbloom18 silvertiara416 simultaneous orgasm566 soft color1878 squirting2477 threesome9804 tiara3753 vaginal secretions38596 vulva122731 wallpaper18354 wallpaper for the fearless1745 window8123


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Background Pony #08C0
Huh, odd, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon switched places for the colored version. I wonder why?
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Twilight's Westley
Poor Silver Spoon, she should be awarded for her ministrations, yet she is only one left without a mouth sucking on her pussy.
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Yeeees, love a pony getting double teamed — arguably the hottest concept! Pleeeaaase don’t let this be the only one you do! ❤️