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Long Live the King — Normal Ver.
Did this one for the premiere, look at twi's poster back there XD
I was practicing a new anatomy, and i liked it, so ended up doing this one up to full.

If you want, you can support me through Patreon :), even 1$ is greatly appreciated!

Hypno ver
explicit337657 artist:dragk1059 king sombra13390 princess celestia92929 twilight sparkle293574 alicorn214320 pony918502 unicorn301828 the beginning of the end2107 anatomically incorrect4000 anus92883 balls72260 both cutie marks9953 celestibra354 crown15838 dock47336 eyeshadow14660 female1317685 horn58479 human shoulders916 incorrect leg anatomy1777 jewelry58514 looking back54169 makeup20119 male355793 motion blur418 motion lines491 nudity355267 penetration54867 penis146705 ponut41574 raised tail14513 regalia18568 sex115571 shipping193523 smiling233907 smirk11936 straight131370 sunbutt3901 tail24809 thicc ass1085 throne3008 vaginal37516 wide hips15671 wings96357


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