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Long Live the King - Normal Ver.  
    Did this one for the premiere, look at twi’s poster back there XD  
    I was practicing a new anatomy, and i liked it, so ended up doing this one up to full.
    If you want, you can support me through Patreon :), even 1$ is greatly appreciated!  
    Hypno ver
explicit365830 artist:dragk1095 king sombra14348 princess celestia97319 twilight sparkle308414 alicorn236092 pony1029616 unicorn350438 the beginning of the end2205 anatomically incorrect4281 anus101549 balls80885 both cutie marks10939 celestibra374 crown18255 dock52821 eyeshadow17022 female1418349 horn80728 human shoulders951 incorrect leg anatomy1841 jewelry70447 looking back61099 makeup23410 male394011 motion blur457 motion lines584 nudity387043 penetration62094 penis161199 ponut46340 raised tail16396 regalia21562 sex127494 shipping207624 smiling266671 smirk13261 straight141698 sunbutt4261 tail33573 thicc ass1402 throne3285 vaginal41664 wide hips18721 wings126767


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