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safe2041443 artist:chub-wub702 sandbar6597 yona6245 earth pony388866 pony1394414 yak5989 season 92499 she's all yak1284 spoiler:s091769 abstract background21849 bipedal45421 blushing248378 bow40239 bowtie13397 circle background334 cloven hooves14392 cute245461 dancing10233 ear fluff44065 eyes closed126473 featured image1107 female1662014 hair bow22790 high res89977 holding hooves2190 interspecies28794 monkey swings1635 open mouth209312 sandabetes821 shipping236939 smiling350531 stars20945 straight164997 teenager6048 yonabar430 yonadorable955


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le grand rêveur
superb drawing ;)
this couple is pleasant though  
It’s one of the few couples proposed by the show that doesn’t seem to be adequate.  
I’m not saying that the show didn’t announce their coming together over the course of the episodes.  
I was still hoping for another partner for these two.
The ocelbar couple seemed more interesting.  
for yona I thought with an extra season she would meet a new student.  
my idea was an eastern unicorn (curved horn unicorn) that we just saw in the series.
All this would have made it possible to introduce other species and culture too developed.
The list is long:  
bat pony; deer; zebra; abyssinian; breezie; centaur; bulls; minotaur; diamond dog; draconequus; kirin; siren; sphinx; criosphinx(Grogar); ….
or other species not mentioned: kelpie; lamia; ….
Background Pony #7FDA
take my hoof, come with me
it’s like i’ve waited my whole life, for this one night  
it’s gonna be me you and the dance floor  
‘cause we’ve only got one night (one night)  
double your pleasure  
double your fun and dance  
forever (ever, ever)  
forever (ever, ever)  
forever (ever, ever)  
forever (ever, ever)  
forever (ever, ever)  
forever (ever, ever…
forever on the dance floor
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Loving fan and shipper
This is a cute picture and all, but I can’t help but question why is this being featured NOW, 8 months after She’s All Yak. But hey, I’m happy for the artist.
Background Pony #F177
This is very cute but the thing is guys that this is not a ship anymore it’s canon and in the last episode of mlp they were shown living together somewhat in Rarity’s boutique so yeah. Plus they danced so it is canon.