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A commission for LightningBolt! The ponies with the best names ever, Scene Chick and Emo Lad.

That’s probably the most accessories i’ve ever drawn on a pony. T’was fun to work on.

safe (1430357)artist:paskanaakka (605)derpibooru exclusive (20338)oc (525749)oc:emo lad (12)oc only (364459)oc:scene chick (12)earth pony (148594)pony (699034)brother and sister (2797)clothes (356057)colored hooves (3235)commission (40714)duo (39186)dyed mane (203)dyed tail (44)ear piercing (16908)earring (14367)emo (629)female (761032)hoodie (10300)jewelry (39172)male (258346)mare (335843)necklace (12290)piercing (28433)shirt (17210)shy (2998)siblings (3758)simple background (291121)socks (49184)stallion (73104)striped socks (16638)transparent background (152000)unshorn fetlocks (18634)

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