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"Just think about it, Celly. We could make a castle outta a mountain! And… and we could call it, um… Caww….Camelot?"
"But what's camels got to do with it?"
"Okay, not Camelot. Um… Okay, we'll call it something else, but it's gonna be great!"

Sugar cookies lead to grand visions of the future. I mean, building your capital city in the middle of a magical forest is cool and all, but a mountain city? Now THAT'S cool! Great things are in you two's future.

Better finish those cookies before Starswirl sees you two, princesses.
safe (1525693) artist:tahublade7 (406) princess celestia (87735) princess luna (91742) star swirl the bearded (1833) alicorn (184610) anthro (219580) plantigrade anthro (25137) 3d (58319) basket (2506) blue underwear (2155) cewestia (1662) clothes (388928) colored wings (4720) colored wingtips (1463) cookie (3173) daz studio (659) dress (37737) female (850525) filly (56861) food (57492) fountain (533) mary janes (1068) panties (44484) picnic basket (420) pink-mane celestia (1985) robe (2894) royal guard (6868) schrödinger's pantsu (259) shoes (27708) skirt (34058) socks (54062) underwear (53071) upskirt (5216) woona (4861) young celestia (123) younger (14907)


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