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like a korean idol
safe (1392819)artist:maren (514)rarity (153170)bipedal (26458)clothes (343641)cute (141740)female (724249)glasses (45275)glowing horn (12813)headset (1005)horn (22455)idol (51)levitation (8237)magic (55382)mare (317501)microphone (3725)moe (1086)music notes (2400)one eye closed (19326)open mouth (100334)pony (659150)raribetes (3502)semi-anthro (9197)shirt (16341)simple background (281530)singing (5006)skirt (30425)solo (855736)standing (7624)telekinesis (19736)underhoof (40107)unicorn (190220)white background (69422)wink (18013)


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