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AAAAAND you didn’t have the proper res of the pic you called me out on in the first place. :V Also,
> not crediting the colorist again

I hate that a LOT sir, so I handle these. No hard feelings, by the way.
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Max Thorn
God, if I haven’t been there a million and a half times. (Buck Aero the Acrobat).

Does it bother anypony else that the controllers don’t have the Nintendo black bars?

No? Just me? Alrighty then.
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Ponytickler: I’ve played strip video games. I’ve played strip DDR. Let me tell you this; women suffer exponential decline in strip DDR. Once the bra is gone, you’ve won.
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Personally, I think Twi and Tia are trying out a new style of gaming called "Strip Video Games". Anytime one of them loses a life, they have to take off a piece of clothing. Of course, since they’re playing Battletoads, they’ve only been playing for about 30 mins and they both started off fully clothed.
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